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Artist Orkhan establishes new standards for cultural design in latest digital artworks

Audiovisual installation at Venice Biennale. Curated by Emin Mammadov & Gianni Mercurio / © Orkhan

Azerbaijani artist Orkhan has established new art trends thanks to his adoption of digital art creation. Having exhibited internationally including at the Venice Biennale & Moscow International Contemporary Art Biennale, the artist has been displaying profound new creations that have set a different expectation on digital design.

In fact, with the fast adoption of NFTs, there’s been a significant cultural shift in the past year alone that has enabled artists like Orkhan to experiment outside the norms, using AI (Artificial Intelligence, ML(machine learning) and GAN networks to develop new creations. After creating a host of digital projects based on the intersection of public, culture and the STEM principles (science, tech, engineering and mathematics), Orkhan has been among the few artists that have looked at technology as a philosophical toolset to expand the poetic means of art, and to document our personal lives and struggles in the 21st century.

His practise method now encompasses the use of digital fabrication tools and simulation data as it investigates the opposing evolution and cultural past of the middle eastern individual in contrast to the larger metropolitan milieu, effectively linking technology and recollections of cultural heritage.

Among his most recent notable works include an AI generated carpet that was exhibited online as an NFT. Due to its unique conception, it was quickly sold online for 10 ETH, demonstrating how artists can use new technologies to create and distribute their visions.

In the arts and culture space, that artist has recently focused on creating a conversation between utopian and dystopian, automation, surveillance, and digitization of post-modernism, which are also topics that emerge from his research into cultural heritage and contemporary technology.

As artists seek to bring contemporary artworks with cultural aesthetics to the digital sphere, there’s an exciting new trend of NFT art and new media projects that are building a conversation with international audiences – leading them closer to art, artists and the story behind them.

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