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French residents will not be able to travel abroad this summer, but are staycations a thing?

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France will soon be ending its painful lockdown on the 11th May, but French residents may have to wait before they can leave the country.

On Tuesday, Emmanuel Macron reinforced the message that it would be “too soon” to say whether people could go abroad and take holidays.

After weeks of lockdown, residents are keen to take their holidays and travel after being restricted to just their homes, or even small apartments, for those living in Paris and other densely populated cities.

When the lockdown is lifted on 11th May, there will be restrictions on movements of up to 100km which could be relaxed depending on how the pandemic is spreading in different regions.

But what is most pressing on people’s minds is how far will they be able to go, and whether they can book flights or visit other parts of the country.

President Macron called for “pragmatism” over the subject, and was keen to avoid the nightmare scenario where the infection rate goes up again, and causes a second lockdown.

Despite the progress, France’s top tourist destinations may have to wait until later in the summer or the autumn before tourism will begin to recover.

On a positive note, local residents may find great deals for hotels and weekend getaways in their respective departments.