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Abdullah Almanna is showing European travellers how to live in style

© Abdullah Almanna

Entrepreneur Abdullah Almanna is taking his passion for travel to some of Europe’s top destinations.

For many Europeans, the romance of travelling the world and exploring new cultures is a dream, but getting the time away from full-time work commitments can prove elusive. 

However, there’s a growing movement of ‘digital nomads’ finding a new way to live, while getting the chance to travel the world. 

Whether you want to spend a month in Rome, or visit the German capital, there’s never been a better time in our digitally connected world to change how we do things. 

For Almanna, who’s background is in public accounting and the corporate world, it’s been one of his life’s ambitions – to get the freedom to choose, and to travel the world.

Having established his successful online business, Almanna has changed how he works, and has had the fortune of visiting more than thirty countries along the way. 

So how does one approach this new kind of digital nomad living? Up and coming entrepreneurs looking to change how they do things can discover Almanna’s latest ebook, which goes into detail about his formula for financial freedom. 

Whether you’re working a 9-5 job at a bank in Paris, or working long hours on the shop floor, there are steps one can take to get out of daily habits and change their path in life. 

Almanna’s book, which is available for free to download, shares insights into how people can attain success and truly find their passions. And with real examples, digitally connected internet users can learn the tips to forge their new path to financial success. 

As elusive as it may sound, many entrepreneurs have found the nomad lifestyle attractive, which Almanna wouldn’t change for the world. But many struggle in three key areas such as being able to afford to travel, not having any savings and finding themselves unable to make the leap and even maintain a digital nomad way of living. 

To learn more about how to pursue the passion of travel and attaining financial success, you can download your free copy of ‘Your Road to Financial Freedom’, based on Almanna’s personal experiences. 

Are you looking to make a significant change in your life?