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Yutong enters top spot in fast growing European electric bus market

© Yutong Bus

On the strength of its high-quality vehicles, Yutong Bus, a major global producer of electric buses, led sales of electric buses in Europe last year.

With 479 buses sold in Europe in 2022, the company topped a ranking created by Chatrou CME Solutions Europe. Yutong’s status as a dominant player in the very competitive Chinese electric bus market is solidified by the top rating.

According to research from Chatrou CME Solutions, 30% of the market in European cities is now occupied by zero-emission buses. The Netherlands consultancy firm has long kept tabs on developments and trends in the market for alternative fuel commercial vehicles, growing to be a recognised authority on the situation of the electric bus sector in Europe.

As evidence of the high calibre of the company’s products offered to the market, Yutong’s European sales in 2022 increased 58% year over year compared to the previous year, and its market share increased from 9.2% to 11.5%. The products of Yutong have been sold all over the world. According to the research, Yutong entered the European market in 2018 and has since exported more than 2,200 units to more than 15 nations, including Poland, Denmark, France, Finland, Norway, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria and Iceland.

In addition to 100% electric buses, there is an increasing demand for buses powered by alternative energy sources, natural gas, and hybrids throughout Europe. In Europe’s transition to a more environmentally friendly public transportation system, Chinese buses are becoming more and more significant.