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Cybersec Europe to launch cybersecurity trade show in Benelux this May

Cybersec Europe
© Cybersec Europe

Brussels Expo will become the heart of European cybersecurity on May 11 and 12, 2022. The first edition of Cybersec Europe, Europe’s foremost trade show on IT security, will welcome over 100 exhibitors and 5,000 guests over two days. The event’s goal is to put cybersecurity on the strategic agendas of European boardrooms and policymakers.

The origins of Cybersec Europe can be traced back to the existing fair Infosecurity Belgium. Whereas the previous event focused mostly on cybersecurity solutions, Cybersec Europe focuses on the strategic component of IT security. Cybersecurity Europe is a hybrid event. It brings together live and digital European specialists, policymakers, developers, and decision makers in charge of key process and data continuity and security. Cybersecurity Europe addresses a wide range of security issues, including digital transformation and automation, security awareness, cybersecurity innovation, machine learning and AI, IoT and 5G, and cloud strategies.

“More than ever, it is clear that IT security is not a matter of having the right tools to secure your own business, but that a comprehensive macro-level strategy is needed”, says Bram van den Baak, spokesperson of Jaarbeurs, the organizer of Cybersec Europe. “At Cybersec Europe, we bring all the pieces together, so our visitors can solve the puzzle themselves and build a sophisticated cybersecurity strategy.”

Cybersecurity Europe aspires to be the go-to resource on this topic. Already, the stats are stunning. The trade expo is expected to attract 5,000 guests and more than 100 exhibitors. Each day will feature 84 events, including startup pitch moments at the futurelab, cyberhub sessions with discussions and presentations, exhibitor sessions, keynotes, and live experiences.

Many experienced guest speakers have been invited, including F-Chief Secure’s Research Officer Mikko Hypponen, hacking specialist Tobias Schrödel, KU Leuven professor big data & analytics Bart Baesens, cybersecurity expert Eddy Willems, and Emmanuel Kessler of the European Cybercrime Center (EC3).