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Zeus Labs announces Former Tesco Global Head of Logistics Alistair Lindsay as Chief Operating Officer

© Zeus Labs

Alistair Lindsay has been named Chief Operating Officer of Zeus Labs. The software startup has been leading a change in the road freight industry as it goes through a digital transformation. Formerly at Tesco Group, where he spent the last ten years as Global Head of Logistics, Lindsay brings a breadth of experience to Zeus Labs that’s on a mission to re-define the logistics business as we know it.

Lindsay’s appointment, underscores Zeus Labs’ continued commitment to strong and sustainable growth in the haulage and logistics sector across Europe and the UK. Furthermore, this hire cements Zeus Labs’ status as Europe’s most innovative digital logistics company with a team of renowned industry experts.

As digital logistics becomes central to business and supply chain success, the global freight industry is undergoing a rapid upgrade to meet new challenges.

Commenting about his new role, Lindsay said, “The UK freight sector, like freight sectors across all regions globally, is overly complex and has not evolved at the same speed as other industries when it comes to the adoption of technology. Zeus Labs can and will change that for good. Not only does Zeus Labs’ proposition simplify the task of executing the physical move through their slick digital platform, but crucially it addresses the challenge the freight industry is now facing with respect to the movement of fresh air/empty trailers across the length and breadth of the country. In other words, a totally unnecessary contributor to the haulage industry’s carbon footprint. Replacing those empty legs with laden legs, means we create a much more environmentally efficient and sustainable transport network. This is a major benefit of Zeus’s product that cannot be underestimated, and it was a major and personal draw for me. Knowing we can make a material societal difference is incredibly powerful and motivational not just for me but for all of us in the Zeus Labs family.”

“The vision Jai and Clemente have for Zeus Labs, coupled with their unrivalled and positive track record since they went live operationally was too much for me to ignore. My career to date, and most recently, with Tesco, has provided me with a great opportunity to learn new skills and gain new experiences across multiple geographies and disciplines. I can now apply all that knowledge in my new role to drive Zeus Labs to become the biggest company in digital freight,” reflected Lindsay.

Jai Kanwar, co-founder of Zeus Labs added, “If you want to be the best, you have to work with the best and this is where Alistair Lindsay comes in. He is without doubt one of the most respected and capable Logistic experts in the entire haulage and freight sector, and his experience and expertise is a game changer for Zeus Labs. We are now ready to supercharge our drive to bring positive and sustainable digital transformation to the entire logistics market. We are delighted Alistair has chosen to join us.”  

Lindsay will be instrumental in establishing the business vision of the founders (Jai Kanwar and Clemente Theotokis) so that Zeus Labs can reach its full potential. He’ll work with Jai and Clemente to design the strategy and implement the long-term growth plan, as well as set the direction of operations in new and existing markets. Lindsay will continue to build Zeus Labs’ best-in-class team, disrupt the logistics industry, and establish Zeus Labs as the global standard for freight solutions.

The freight business in the UK and across Europe is poised to undergo a profound transition that will revolutionise the way shipping works in the coming decade, as global supply chains adapt to rising demand and new disruption.