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Helping one person at a time, Brothers4Change launches mission to make education more accessible in developing countries

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Belgian marketplace Brothers4Change is aiming to make a difference by funding educational initiatives in Africa.

Launched by two brothers, Samuel and Jonas Smis, the online marketplace is pledging 10% of proceeds to finance educational initiatives in Africa. With its first programme already underway in the Kivu region in the Congo, Brothers4Change is making good on its mission to make education more accessible to young students.

Funds raised through Brothers4Change are being directed to the acquisition of water filters which the company has been delivering on the ground to provide daily clean water to students in the Congo. Part of this work has also been to provide solar-powered lighting to students, where they can benefit from learning after sunset with more extended time for studying. They also plan to build new school buildings.

“We were able to donate a few months ago our first batch of 250 solar powered LED lamps to a school in the village of Idiga, a place in the Kivu region in Congo. It’s a particularly hard environment to grow up in, with no electricity nor running water. The donated solar lamps make it possible for children to develop new skills, learn and read after the sunset which comes relatively early in the Congo.”

Having seen extreme poverty in South Africa, the marketplace’s two founders have set an ambitious objective to build a business that could give back and make education more accessible to young people.

Aiming to bring more resources beyond the Congo to other developing countries in the coming years, Brothers4Change recently announced their goal of making education more accessible to 10,000 students by the end of 2022.

Brothers4Change Trailer: Giving back

With brand purpose and giving back becoming more important for businesses, shoppers are increasingly looking to make an impact with their purchases. Brothers4Change built their platform to offer a wide range of products in various categories from electronics to home furniture. Through a diverse selection, and partnerships with leading international couriers, Internet users can order items across Europe with free delivery options in an easy-to-use checkout experience.

To learn more about Brothers4Change, visit their website and discover their mission to educate children in developing countries.

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