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Briana Amerson rises to popularity in Europe as fantasy gaming goes global

© Briana Amerson

The rise in popularity of fantasy gaming in Europe has propelled players like Briana Amerson to new heights.

As gaming becomes ever more popular with young European gamers, influencers are making their mark online by connecting audiences with their unique personalities and artistic visions.

For Briana, the success of her gaming has brought many opportunities, leading her to developing her own custom-built photo studio at home where she does photoshoots featuring her latest cosplay outfits.

With esports and fantasy gaming going mainstream, influencers like Briana are connecting with fans and sharing their unique perspectives. Playing titles from Resident Evil 3 to Fortnite and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Briana, who goes by the nickname of PsychoKittyKatGaming, has built a community of likeminded fans. And thanks to her community, she is able to do what she loves as a gamer, and gets to work on her art while connecting with gamers around the world from the comfort of her home.

She also encourages her community to send in requests for costumes where she creates spectacular backdrops and chooses unique outfits to make stunning posters. Releasing her latest outfits on Instagram, Briana is meticulous in her approach, developing atmospheric shots and working on the finer details from lighting to framing to get her pictures to look just right.

© Briana Amerson

Each item is carefully chosen during the production stage, combing artistic vision and digital editing to create the desired effect.

You can learn more about her home studio setup and also connect with her on YouTube and Instagram.

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