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From Germany to Australia, Ahmad Mansour is setting trends in Europe with his latest on-screen roles

© Ahmad Mansour / Instagram

After getting offered a small part as an extra in an indie feature film, Ahmad Mansour quickly found a new career path in acting and started getting bigger roles.

For many of Europe’s actors and entertainment professionals, 2020 has been an exceptionally difficult year, and it’s never going to be the same again, but when it comes to mindset, Mansour has discovered it takes a level of determination to get over the hurdles during difficult times.

Having had a passion for acting from an early age, and being an avid fan of Denzel Washington, Mansour delved into a career in the film industry – leading him to travel the world and playing roles that helped him perfect his art. Some of his credits include ‘The Principal’, ‘Underbelly’ and ‘The Shire’.

In an interview this week, Mansour said, “Denzel Washington’s style is impeccable. I’m also a big fan of Leonard DiCaprio, but after Covid, the film industry has been hit hard. I’ve been lucky to have other businesses to keep me busy.”

Following his journey into acting, and visiting countries including Germany, Spain, and Abu Dhabi, Mansour set his sights on luxury supercars – starting a business in the Middle East where he gets to meet public figures and mingle with some of the film industry’s most recognised names. The success of his own luxury supercar rental company in Dubai has also helped him to focus on another passion of his – cars, while eagerly awaiting the full return of film industry productions in Europe and around the world in next year.

To learn more about Ahmad Mansour visit his IMDB or follow his latest updates on Instagram from Dubai.

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