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Award-winning Italian composer Aluei encourages musicians to convey empathy through their art

© Louis Siciliano

Louis Siciliano aka Aluei, a prominent Italian composer and award-winning entertainer, is encouraging the music industry and artists around the world to convey empathy through their art.

Recently appointed as a member of the Grammy Awards Recording Academy Jury in July, the esteemed composer has been working behind-the-scenes with some of the world’s most renowned artists to promote messages of peace, harmony and empathy through music.

Working as a film composer, trumpet artist and poly-instrumentalist, Aluei is known for promoting messages of peace, with a passion for the environment and supporting the earth’s natural habitat. 

Having collaborated with the likes of Tony Bennett, Natalie Cole, Diana Ross and saxophonist Joe Henderson, Aluei’s work as a music producer and sound engineer have been internationally recognised. 

It was during his time living in New York, working as an arranger at the famous 78/88 Recording Studios, and orchestrator at the Bennett Studios, that Aluei had the opportunity to work closely with musical legends on numerous projects. 

The composer also worked with the late Michael Jackson on his multi-platinum album ‘Dangerous’ which remains one of the best selling records of all time, with 32 million units sold. 

Most recently, the artist announced the launch of the Magic&Unique Group, bringing together 7 record labels and a music publishing house based out of London, New York and Los Angeles – where he hopes he can bring the power of music and its effects to promote inspirational and uplifting messages. 

During the height of the pandemic, Italians sang songs of hope and unity from their balconies, touching hearts and minds around the world with other countries across Europe also following Italy’s lead.

For Aluei, music has the power to heal, and with his upcoming projects, the Italian composer aims to inspire other musicians to do the same. 

To discover Aluei’s latest music visit Spotify.