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French Health Ministry reveals rising Covid-19 cases passing April peak

© Fran Boloni

France is grappling with a new surge in infections of Covid-19 as daily cases pass a grim milestone of 5,500 people.

In the past 24 hours, a total of 5,429 infections were recorded in France, a number not seen since the height of the pandemic during the lockdown phase in early April. It is also believed that the total number of infections is higher than the reported figures as tests are not available nationwide, and some citizens are asymptomatic.

Yesterday, the ministry reported that the total number of deaths as a result of Coronavirus related complications had reached 30,544, with more than 4,600 people receiving hospital treatment. Of those in hospital, a total of 410 were in intensive care.

That latest figures comes as the UK, Germany and other countries restrict travel from people travelling through France. The announcement of Britain’s quarantine for France and The Netherlands was met with dismay as nearly 100,000 Brits returned at speed to their home country in 48 hours. 

For France, the latest figures show that the pandemic is far from over, and more action may be needed in several regions to mitigate further rises in infections. 

Ile de France and PACA are also on high alert as a resurgence in infections continues. 

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