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Record fall in hospital deaths as France set to end lockdown

© Sharon McCutcheon

France is preparing to ease the lockdown as the death toll from coronavirus falls to its lowest level in recent weeks.

France24 reports that the total death toll overnight was 70, the lowest recorded since the 17th March.

This brings the total number of coronavirus deaths in France to over 26,000, and there is hope that this fall will continue in the coming days.

Earlier this week, French President Emmanuel Macron took part in VE Day celebrations despite a nationwide lockdown – along with other European nations including the UK and Germany.

France is set to open up large parts of its economy on Monday, but the Paris region and several other communes will face stricter rules due to the continued spread of coronavirus.

Meanwhile, France is developing a nationwide app to track people that have been infected, and is also stepping up its commitment to hospitals by selling antique furniture to raise funds for institutions and healthcare providers.

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