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French filmmakers and actors to receive a state bailout

© Vladimir Fedotov

French filmmakers and actors will receive a stipend from the government is has been confirmed.

French President Emmanuel Macron said that out-of-work actors and filmmakers who had no work due to production shutdowns would be able to receive financial support.

The new programme is aimed at ‘les intermittents’ who were not part of France’s original programme to pay for employee salaries.

There are estimated to be 250,000 people affected with short term contracts who are currently without work and have yet to see government action to help them.

In a video conference today, the French President said that a new compensation fund would be set into motion for filmmakers that had been affected by production shoots being cancelled. This will include a four-month social security payment exemption, allowing filmmakers to retain the full amount of their receipts without having to pay the normal charges.

The French film industry has been badly affected by the disruption with social distancing and a strict lockdown shutting down productions across the country.

As part of the effort to support the creative industries, a multi-billion euro fund is being set up to support the arts sector as a whole, and will include writers, musicians, actors, directors and many more freelance workers.