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Andrea Fischer of Elapath Energy signs new contract for 8 million barrel storage & pipping project in Kuwait’s Burgan Oil Field

© Azhar Munir Din

Andrea Fischer from Elapath Energy today confirmed a new 8 million barrel storage & pipping contract has been secured for Kuwait’s Burgan Oil Field.

The comprehensive new project will see Elapath Energy bringing together its global experts to help improve energy security and upgrade infrastructure for storing 8 million barrels.

Having completed a variety of large international projects across the Middle East, Elapath Energy have been working with a host of businesses in the region to upgrade their existing infrastructure as well as providing maintenance support for oil & gas facilities.

Ms Fischer, who has over 10 years’ experience working in the oil & gas sector has become a prominent figure in the industry having concluded successful contracts with multiple stakeholders in different regions.

Elapath Energy’s new contract in the Burgan field of Kuwait City will ensure energy autonomy and security for the region as key infrastructure upgrades and maintenance are carried out. With energy autonomy high on the agenda, businesses as well as governments in the Middle East have been working together in order to secure long-term energy production for citizens.

Following the global impact of the pandemic, there has been an increased emphasis on building storage facilities that can be used as reserves in case of supply shocks. Having felt the impact of global supply shortages, countries and local businesses are looking at ways to find more sustainable solutions of storing and using energy – and being less dependent on imports when shortages occur.

Kuwait’s Burgan field is one of the region’s most important for energy production, with estimated capacity to be around 1.5 million barrels per day.

With Elapath’s new contract, the company has been on a strong trajectory since the beginning of the year, working on complex and varied infrastructure projects to safeguard energy security for countries across the Middle East.