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Chef Adam Schihab bringing Mediterranean cooking and French cuisine to the Middle East

© Adam Schihab

Chef Adam Schihab and author of bestselling culinary guide book The Islander Chef, is bringing his unique European recipes to the Middle East.

Originally from the Maldives, the chef pursued his studies in Europe, including the UK and then later specialised in cooking at some of the top pastry schools in Paris, as well as HTC’s French culinary school in Asia.

With the popularity of mediterranean cuisine on the rise in the Middle East, Schihab joined a renowned pastry and catering business in Saudi Arabia where he’s gained notoriety for his delicious recipes that come with a European delicacy.

Having been awarded several medals and awards for his cooking, Schihab has perfected his recipes, bringing a new kind of flavour to the Middle East that has earned him acclaim.

Among some of his most popular recipes includes his French chocolate tarts and freshly baked croissants. And who can ignore the irresistible taste of Crème brûlée? The chef is also milling his own flour to make delicious and fresh artisan bread, that is both free from bleaching and any unnatural chemicals.

Following his success in Saudi Arabia, Schihab has been sharing his journey on social media, documenting his latest recipes and adventures with his growing fanbase of nearly 80k followers on Instagram. From his latest sweet tasting and crunchy flavoured macarons to penne pasta with Italian flavours, the chef is encouraging people at home to get creative in the kitchen while exploring new recipes.

© Adam Schihab

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