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How to prepare for this summer’s heatwave with the power of silk fabrics

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With the summer heatwave kicking in across Europe in the coming days, people are looking for ways to stay cool while protecting their health. It’s no secret that staying hydrated and cool is important for people of all ages especially in hot and dry weather but there comes a time when the summer months can lead to us losing more water than we realise, even at night during our sleep – so we have to take extra precautions. 

With the importance of thermoregulation, and our body’s need to properly stay within a healthy temperature range – there are a number of ways in which we can keep cool, even while sleeping. One of the remedies supported by dermatologists, skin doctors and hairdressers is silk. 

Yes, silk has long been shown to help the body’s thermoregulation, and with special cooling pillows and silk fabrics for bed sheets, you can stay cool at night while reducing your perspiration.

MayfairSilk is helping people stay cool in the summer through their thermoregulating products, offering the finest quality silk fabrics and bed linen ahead of this year’s hottest days. 

Last year’s European heatwave saw temperatures passing 40 degrees in Spain and France, among other countries. Over in the UK, records were also broken in the high 30s, with multiple days of very hot, and humid temperatures. 

From cooling pillowcases to sleep masks made from 100% Mulberry silk, MayfairSilk is providing people with a variety of products to help them get a better night’s sleep. 

And during the warm summer months, people with long-term chronic conditions are more susceptible to the heat and need to take extra precautions. 

Recently released research by the University of Queensland has shown how hot flushes and night sweats have led to a significant increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease. And after menopause this risk can go up as much as 70% according to findings from their major international study involving more than 500,000 women. 

With the longest days of the year ahead of us, the sun can also have a more damaging effect on the skin therefore it’s increasingly recommended to use silk bed linen to prevent ageing and long-term skin conditions.  

MayfairSilk has seen a big uptick in demand from households in Europe and with high quality, hand finished, bio-degradable products in their offering – they are one of the few companies providing 100% environmentally friendly fabrics from duvets to silk pillowcases and bed linen ranging from 22- 25 momme.

You can discover more about MayfairSilk by exploring their latest offering. 

© MayfairSilk

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