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European Union set to lift border controls by the end of June

© Damiano Baschiera

The EU is pledging to lift border controls by the end of June as the economic toll of the pandemic and the fall in coronavirus cases comes into focus.

The ban on non-essential travel by foreign visitors will continue until 1st July, applying to all non-EU countries – however this will be revised with “all member states” in agreement the restrictions should be as short as possible.

For people looking to book their holidays in France and across Europe, the news of the lockdown ending at the border will be welcomed, but people will have to wait several weeks to get the opportunity to travel from outside the EU.

With tourism bringing significant revenue for European Union members such as France, Italy, Greece and Italy – lifting the border controls is seen as a priority to restore economic growth.

And in another sign that the European Central Bank is going to do more to support the economy, this week it announced it would expand its government bond buying scheme until 2021 – amounting to a stimulus of €1.35 trillion.

Are you planning to book your holidays to Europe?