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Konstantin Ermakov inspires Europe’s content creators with his captivating behind-the-scenes YouTube videos

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Russian-born and London residing Konstantin Ermakov has become a prominent creator in Europe with the growing success of his YouTube channel.

A video director at heart, Ermakov has been rising up the YouTube ranks and making ever more impressive videos with artists, YouTube stars and influencers across Europe. Thanks to his ability in creating catchy videos and entertaining montages, the video director turned social media star is setting new trends for short videos and documentary-style features that entertain.

With a fanbase from Russia to Finland, France, Germany and the UK, Ermakov’s videos have earned him the respect of his peers – and he’s changing the way content creators approach their videos.

Konstantin has collaborated with a number of successful YouTube and social media stars, creating their music videos and editing their projects. He also works as a photographer and produces behind-the-scenes content, taking viewers behind some of the most successful viral videos. Recent collaborations include videos for The Sidemen, Tobi & Manny, Sarah Close, KSI, Randolph, as well as his latest photography project with Max Fosh from London.

Following the pandemic, traffic to YouTube has skyrocketed in Europe which has led to the throttling of videos while some of the top festivals including Cannes and the Locarno Film Festival  have suspended their events in 2020.

This week, a new global film festival will be launched on YouTube welcoming over 20 film festivals from May 29 – June 7th – streaming online for free and raising funds for initiatives that help people during the pandemic.

With the growth in online media, digital-only events and short films on YouTube, creators like Konstantin are setting the trends for future filmmakers to make their mark.