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Fashion bloggers eager to see lockdown end as revenues take a hit

© Pexels

For Paris fashion bloggers, it’s been a difficult few months with COVID-19 locking down the world’s top tourist destination.

With extended restrictions on movements and strict regulations on what people can do to go out, the fashion and travel industry have been hit hard.

Instagrammers and bloggers, that gain their revenue from travel companies, airlines and event companies have all faced difficulty with the industry effectively being in lockdown.

But there is hope, as the restrictions ease and the good summer weather returns, people will be able to slowly get back to normality.

France is the world’s top tourist destination, with the French capital receiving 15 million visitors a year.

With wealthy tourists from China, America, Britain and other European countries, there are many opportunities for local businesses to provide entertainment, food, luxury shopping and much more.

COVID-19 restrictions are set to ease in France beginning on the 11th May, however it will not be until late in the summer that we know the full impact on the local economy in the 2nd quarter where the restrictions were strictly imposed.

Can fashion bloggers and vloggers make a comeback?