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SKEMA Business School EQUIS Accreditation renewed for additional 5 years

Alice Guilhon SKEMA Business School / © Lora Barra Photography

The accreditation body of EQUIS (EFMD) has just voted to reaccredit SKEMA Business School for five years, the maximum duration of the accreditation.

SKEMA is among the very few business schools across the world that are “full accredited” under EQUIS. Currently, 15 management schools in France and 119 worldwide hold this distinction.

This re-accreditation rewards the overall strategy of the school and recognises the strength of the model and its excellence internationally. The report points out that SKEMA is “a dynamic and forward-looking business school, with a strong culture of collegiality and solid internal and external governance structures.” The following points have been particularly highlighted:

  • The overall strategy and the positioning of the school
  • Diversity and a strong international attractiveness regarding the range of programs which prepare future talents in the knowledge economy to meet the challenges of a globalised economy
  • The high quality of the faculty and its ability to be part of educational innovation
  • The commitment and professionalism of teams on all the campuses, the satisfaction of the students and their pride in being “SKEMIENS” (in their own words, SKEMA is “stimulating, diverse, global, memorable, innovative and entrepreneurial.”)
  • The strategy developed for executive education, which is set to develop further
  • The territorial footprint; the dynamism and support of partners on different sites (companies, academic partners, incubators, public and private institutions, etc.), the school having found the “right model” for developing links with the practices of different ecosystems where it is part of.

Alice Guilhon, dean of SKEMA Business School, comments: “I would like to thank all our stakeholders for the work we have accomplished. I hope that we will progress and continue on our path: in the next five years, we will implement our new SKY25 strategic plan. We will pay particular attention to strengthening “impact research” dedicated to businesses and society, and the achievement of our mission, more than ever at the service of the transformation of societies, for a better and fairer world.”