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Who is Roel Oosterwijk? The Dutch entrepreneur making contemporary photography popular

© Roel Oosterwijk

Contemporary photographer and 21-year-old Dutch entrepreneur Roel Oosterwijk is putting the spotlight on Europe’s up and coming talent.

Originally from Rotterdam, Roel’s work in the contemporary photography space and his entrepreneurial journey has been gaining media attention and industry recognition.

Having found a passion for filmmaking at an early age, Roel eventually specialised in graphic design, which is where he nurtured his creative skills and began to organise photoshoots in his home country. Collaborating with models and building a portfolio of pictures including designs for merchandise and poster art – Roel began to showcase his work, which received praise from industry peers and brought additional exposure to his latest creations.

© Roel Oosterwijk

After graduating, the photographer took an entrepreneurial approach to his art, creating an online store to sell new design concepts, photography work and more. The resounding success of his store has already inspired many of Europe’s content creators to ‘think big’ about their creative ambitions.

Realising the opportunity before him, Roel began to build a personal brand around his favourite subject, attracting a loyal following of supporters who appreciated his work. This in turn gave him the determination to plan for his next big adventure, the launch of his new digital agency where he will help businesses with their creative projects.

© Roel Oosterwijk

Like many young Europeans that have recently graduated, Roel faced a difficult start with the impact of the pandemic, but in difficult times, an optimist can take their vision and make it a reality no matter how difficult the circumstances are.

With new opportunities to access audiences and potential customers online, Roel is creating a high value for people who have an affection for European culture and artwork. Being able to access a big audience through the web and social media has enabled Roel to make his contemporary photography popular. But it is important to note the mindset and vision makes a big difference in helping one propel themselves – which is why Roel has found success.

© Roel Oosterwijk

Discover Roel’s latest projects on his website.

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