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Meet Lilly Iaschelcic, Europe’s next breakout star

© Lilly Iaschelcic

From the Cannes Film Festival to the Monaco Grand Prix, Lilly Iaschelcic is fast becoming a top influencer in Europe with her growing online fanbase. 

Originally from Russia, Iaschelcic has participated in numerous fashion shoots and commercials for major brands, inspiring young audiences to get creative and pursue their dreams.

With 2 degrees under her belt, the Russian model turned influencer is emerging as Europe’s next breakout star, flying around the world with top brands and getting opportunities to host exclusive events. 

Having pursued sport from an early age, Iaschelcic has perfected the art of Taekwondo, a passion of hers that has allowed her to remain at peak physical fitness. And with her growing international career, having a determined mindset combined with maintaining a strong workout ethic has brought her huge opportunities not just in sport but fashion too. 

Among her recent successes include her participation in the prestigious SMGlobal catwalk. She has also travelled to multiple countries and won a host of beauty pageants including Beauty Queen of the Year 2016, and Miss Supranational Chelsea, UK. She’s also taken part in the Miss Monaco competition among others. Thanks to her growing online community on social media, she’s also reaching young women who are inspired by her journey – which she documents, providing her fans with behind-the-scenes insights. 

After moving from Russia to London, Iaschelcic signed to the prestigious Gap Models agency, skyrocketing her fashion career – and in 2020 she’s taking her ambitions to the next level with big plans for the coming year. 

Are you a fashion influencer looking to stand above the crowd? Discover Lilly Iaschelcic and see her latest videos and updates to find out more. 

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